The Language of Ideas Learning Units

Topic 1: The Language of Ideas

One of the differences between successful and unsuccessful students is that students who succeed have learned the abstract language of ideas.
This Topic will help you to distinguish between abstract and concrete language.

Topic 5: Summarising

This will help you to identify key ideas and cut out the details. It will also show you how to save time.
Topic 2: General Particular

This will help you to write general statements (abstract) supported by
particular examples (concrete).

Topic 6: Ordering

This shows you some basic ways of ordering written material.

Topic 3: Problem Solution

This will teach you how to recognise and use one of the most important structures required by tutors and examiners.

Topic 7: Point of View

This will help you to recognise and express different points of view in order to discuss a topic.

Topic 4: Factors

This will help you break the subject down into more manageable abstract and concrete factors


Content written by Mary Mason and facilitated by Professors Bob Farmer and Diana Eastcott, Staff Student Development Department, University of Central England (now Birmingham City University)