The course has the following sections


  1. The language of ideas: concrete and abstract language
  2. General / particular
  3. Problem / solution
  4. Factors
  5. Summarising
  6. Ordering
  7. Point of view


What the Language of Ideas course consists of


An on-line course of seven sections, each of which makes explicit a particular feature of academic language. The material used is cross-curricular, suitable for post-16 students.


The first exercise of every section confronts the students with an exam question and invites them to decide which of two or three answers would get the most marks.


Students then work through exercises designed to familiarise them with the linguistic feature. Then they are given a number of genuine questions from many subjects which are structured in terms of that feature and invited to identify them.


Then they return to the original exam question and asked to consider the answers again.


Finally, they are invited to apply the insights of the section to their own work.


Where the course would be useful


Where the materials of the course have been used in educational establishments there have been remarkable improvements in examination results.
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With students


In Sixth Forms, Colleges of Further Education and first-year University students.


With teachers


The most effective way of giving students an understanding of academic language is for teachers to be aware of the language of their own subject.


It is very suitable for short courses for teachers in secondary schools and further and higher education either of the same or of different subjects. It can be run centrally or be school-based.