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Selected Publications by the Course Author  Mary Mason


Academic papers


MARY MASON (1977) Syntax as a point of entry to Dylan Thomas’s After the Funeral: in Memory of Ann Jones, MALS Journal


MARYMASON (1978) Syntax as a point of entry to Dylan Thomas’s Fern Hill, MALS Journal


MARY MASON (1982) Deixis: A Point of Entry to Little Dorrit in Language and Literature ed. Ronald Carter, Allen and Unwin


MASON, M. (1986) The Deficit Hypothesis Revisited, Educational Studies, 12(3), pp. 279-289


MARY MASON (1987) The Linguistic Mechanisms of Abstract Thought: a model and supporting stylistic analysis ITL Review of Applied Linguistics, 75, 1-35


MASON, M., MASON, B., and QUAYLE, T.(1992) Illuminating English: how explicit language teaching improved public examination results in a comprehensive school (Educational Studies, Vol, 18, No. 3, 1992


MASON, MARY (1995/6) Language for Learning at Bordesley Green Girls’ School (Multi-Cultural Education Review, No. 17)


MASON, MARY and BOB MASON (1997) Breakthrough to Learning: Linguistics in the service of Mainstream Education (University of Central England Faculty of Education papers, Issues in Education Series: No. 2)


MARY MASON (2001) Mind Your Language in Teaching Thinking, Issue 3




Illuminating English (Wigan and Leigh College 1984-1991), a self-access course for years 7-9:


Book 1: Language Awareness (grammar, Latin and Greek roots, varieties of language)


Book 2: Reading for Learning (abstract language: change of word-class, metaphor, passive voice, variables, systems)


Book 3: Writing for Learning (discourse structures: problem – solution, general-particular, compare-contrast)


Breakthrough to Learning (Wigan and Leigh College 1995-1998)

An improved version of Illuminating English.


MARY MASON (1998) Grammar Dictionary (Questions Publishing Company)


Breakthrough to Learning: Fasttrack (Wigan and Leigh College 2000)

A shortened course of books 2 and 3 for post 16 students (30 hours)


UCE tutors took the Fasttrack Breakthrough to Learning into Sixth Forms and Colleges of Further Education as a Widening Participation programme.


2005 Winner of the THES award for Widening Participation Initiative of the Year.


Computer programme


The Language of Ideas (2007)